Information update from 2012


In an attempt to reduce my workload instrument models marked with an asterix in the price list have now been given over to Fritz Heller. His craftsmanship is obvious and his experience as a maker, performer and researcher is continuing and furthering my work admirably.


I currently retain the work on the tenor shawms ( Nicolo )and also the Mediaeval Soprano after Hans Memling.


I want to concentrate now on the so called ‘Spanish Shawms’ which I enjoy making as they work so well and easily, with good chromatic tones and a wide      dynamic range. The Spanish Soprano has been the most successful and universally useful of all shawms. It is not only a Renaissance shawm as it has a place in both earlier and later music. They were used in the civic music as well as folk music and in the church.  That they are easier to make than the wide belled shawms and seldom throw up problems makes them less expensive. The altos being keyless make a very inexpensive alto but don’t suit people with very small hands.

The  Sopranino is very stable with a loud sound but requires a rather strong blowing pressure.


Fritz Heller can be found at  Jan Luykenstr. 75----Haarlem  2026 AD---The Netherlands.

 Tel 0031 23 5393463  &