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My CD collection

A look through my collection of CDs reveals at least 30 to 40 on which my shawms can be heard.

The range is very wide, extending beyond Mediaeval, Renaissance and Early Baroque Performance to Folk Music, Banquets and Battles and all sorts of miscellaneous creative use of the instruments.

The following selection gives an idea of this variety:-

Renaissance Wind Music from Flanders, Spain or Italy ( Piffero-U.S.A. 3 CD’s )
Bellissimo Splendore ( La Caccia—Belgium )
Arbeau’s School of Dancing ( Convivium Musicum—-Sweden 2 CDs )
Gabriel’s Message (Mediva—U.K. )
Chansons Medievales ( Ultreia—France )
L’estomac de Gargantua ( Concert Nova—Japan )
Music of the Spanish Renaissance. ( La Compania — Australia )
Meus Olhos…. ( Concerto Atlantico— Portugal )
Giorgio Mainerio ( Ensemble Consort Veneto— Italy)

The CDs of many early music groups based in Germany:-

Ensemble fur fruehe Musik Augsburg, Les Haulz et les Bas, Kurtzweyl, Ludus Venti, Nota Bene, Oni Wytars, Corvus Corax, Saraband, Landshuter Hochzeit, Der Schwartenhals, Vox Diadema, Musica Fiata, Ensemble Alta Musica, Rabaskadol, Flos Florum, Barocco Locco, Odhecaton, Capella de la Torre

Recent arrivals include:-
In Principio— Fritz Heller’s Rabaskadol providing a rich mix of early double reed and brass together with the Rostocker Motettenchor. Distribution :

Music for Emperor Charles V—-Katharina Baeuml’s group Capella de la Torre. Displays lots of crisp lively early double reed playing. CD produced by Mielke Bergfeld Musikproduktion.

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