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The Originals

and the large number of CD's on which they can be heard demonstrates their versatility and testifies to their quality. They are handcrafted in air dried European maple, stained and oil finished as the originals. They all have a considerable dynamic range and can play a full two octaves.

My instruments are authentic and practical. They are used widely by both professionals and amateurs alike worldwide.
Here you can download a sound sample of my shawms (Ensemble Rabaskadol)Music

The timbre can be varied somewhat by the choice of reed design as the instruments are sufficiently tolerant to allow the player this luxury. Most pirouette assemblies are in two parts and conveniently adjustable to the individual players requirements
I have specialised in shawms since the late 1960's. I have personally researched, measured and played almost all the surviving originals and have been working with shawms on a daily basis for more than 30 years.